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The Manipal School of Architecture & Planning (MSAP), is a constituent of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, (MAHE) started in 1978 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree under Mysore University. The institution came under the newly established Mangalore University in 1980 as Department of Architecture. In October 2003, MAHE renamed the Department of Architecture as Faculty of Architecture and in April 2018 Faculty of Architecture as Manipal School of Architecture & Planning. In 2010, it became the 22nd institute of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, India. Design is an act of making an environment where we shape and develop our surrounding to suit our physical and psychological needs. Design thinking is used in all professions as a verb or skill to develop solutions suited to the context and person/people. MSAP believes in training designers in theoretical as well as practical problem-solving; and hone their design thinking. MSAP offers new openings for its students to follow their creative pursuits while building their professional careers under the guidance of highly experienced Faculty.

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